Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Two: Making Our Beds

May 17-18

Good weather on Saturday.

The whole garden gets one more pass with the tiller. This is a view from the northeast, former site of the raspberry patch. A space has been staked for the arbor (which was built for a wedding last fall, and has been patiently waiting since for it's new home to be ready) and we're ready to plot out the beds.

After several hours of measuring, staking, stepping, raking and scraping, the beds are laid out. Rows are 30 inches wide, with an 18-inch path running between. The four main thoroughfares, each leading to one side of the asparagus box, are 24 inches wide.

By Sunday afternoon, the arbor is in place (thanks to help from the sibs), resting nicely on four slate stones we picked up at the garden center just down the road. Parsnips, parsley root, rutabagas and beets have been seeded. Tomatoes, peppers, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts seedlings have all been planted, along with basil, parsley, sweet annie and angelica, but (to our great dismay) we've learned that there's a freeze advisory for the next two nights. We spend the drizzly afternoon hauling out buckets, boxes, garbage cans, pots, plastic and tarps, just to be safe. (It didn't freeze.)

Many thanks to N for her invaluable assistance today, getting plants and seeds in level ground.

Next weekend: three sisters, butterfly garden, melons, lettuces, calendula, cosmos and everything else.

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