Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday's on the Phone to Monday

I fingered the keys as we talked about what was going wrong (last night it finally dawned on me that it's not a wiring problem, it's the ignition) and I handed them to him, being just a little bit careful not to touch hands...I crossed the street and caught a bus in seconds flat, enjoyed a relatively brief and pleasant ride in spite of large woman in Bud Light flip-flops hacking loogey on floor, took a small detour--I guess I should known something was coming when the bus driver showed me a whole page of reroutes--and was dropped at a corner not far from my destination, in high spirits for a Monday morning.  A few minutes later I arrived at my desk, ready for the day, and realized that something was missing: no computer.  I'd left it at home, despite giving it the eye over coffee and telling myself not to forget it.  I looked around for a replacement; no go.  I'd rather have my own, in any case... Caught the train and another bus, hopped off a couple blocks from home and then it hit me that something else was missing: no keys.  I'd handed them over that morning, even after considering slipping them off the ring, since I might need them or should at least have them.  Good thinking there, yeah.  Okaaay, what now?  It would take hours to go after them and there's still no spare outside, no extra in the garage... But wait!  I left one window open today, I know it... Fetched the stepladder from the garage and checked the bedroom first, just in case... not surprised to find it locked.  Kitchen, also locked; sunroom, locked around; all the rest, likewise, locked.  Of course.  So I turned the last the corner and made my way through the towering sunflowers and shrubby weeds to lean my ladder toward the little bathroom window...Slipped off my maryjanes and climbed up, pulled down the screen and tossed one shoe in, followed by the other (I must say there was something so oddly sweet in their muffled thuds as they hit the floor...), put one leg in and back out again...headfirst, I guess, the only way...with just enough room to turn around, just enough of a hand-hold to slip my legs out from under me, I stepped down a few easy moments later and found myself safely at home, just in time for lunch.  Oh Happy Monday!  Guess I'd best be off to work, now...

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