Tuesday, April 16, 2013

And Also With You

I took all that shit back to IKEA, and gazed upon the faces of the people there, glassy-eyed, pushing their carts full of newly manufactured trash as if it were so much treasure.  No longer drawn by the mystery of what lies buried below, we modern humans would rather spend a pretty hard-earned penny on our own demise and pluck a piece of plastic from off the shelf, than roll up our cuffs and go digging into the organic, squirming realities of our own subconscious or--God forbid!--the living, physical world which we inhabit, and which inhabits us.  Have so many of us now forgotten--if we ever knew--our own animal nature?  Ah, but therein lies the crux, the very crucifix of the matter.  For, my very dearest of friends, there are a whole Hell of a Lot of People in this astoundingly beautiful world who simply refuse to accept that they are composed of, and created from, the very same matter as all the rest of the amniotes, not to mention the snakes and apples and such.  And unto them I say: fuck you.

If that sounds less than compassionate, at this late hour, rest assured that the crudeness of my expression has very little to do with waking up on the couch not in my pajamas, or being abruptly ripped apart from a deeply telling dream, or having to call for a jump start this morning, or the cancellation of today's lesson, or submitting my tax return at the eleventh hour, or wrapping up my last work meeting of the day at a quarter until midnight, because in fact, all of those things turned out to be pretty okay if not quite all right, except for the dream perhaps, which I would very much enjoy getting back to right about now.  But before I do I'd like to say this:

It strikes me that "I am, therefore I think", and not its inverse, might have had a profoundly different impact on humanity and on life on this planet, in the long run... although I suppose one could argue that my saying so is nothing if not another unwittingly fine display of my all-encompassing ignorance of the meaning of things, my lack of respect for a learned man's most profound thoughts, and my arrogant disregard of all things European and, in particular, French.  I most certainly don't play at being the Devil's Advocate, nor would I turn a cold shoulder from even the smelliest of earthly creatures, with their wriggling, dirty ways, in a time of need.  But I, like so many among us, do not love all things equally.  And Dominion is not a four-letter word.  

I would ask those who would hold the Almighty Human brain in such high regard, as though our unique "capacity" for thought is sure-shot evidence of our Divine Right, just exactly what of the Divine do you believe shall be Left, once such able minds have had their way with it?  Cast your net out upon the Sea of (The) Concrete, and enjoy all that grey matter while you can.  The Idea of IKEA leaves quite a lot be desired, as does its reality...and thus, I am led down another meandering path to wonder about the idea of a flower, for all its intents and purposes, leaving almost everything to the Imagination... 

If to exist were testament to consciousness, well then...we'd be living in another world, entirely.  

And with that, I bid you goodnight.

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