Tuesday, September 17, 2013

There's no good reason for this

I lied.  About writing tomorrow, and about writing yesterday.  So here's the best I can do, writing today.

Today was a dogshit day.  

Dogshit, like the pile you stepped in when you hopped off the bus at the end of the line after you missed your stop on the way to a wrong address that you wrote down backwards because the person who gave you those directions was yelling into the wind as they went speeding away in an old pickup truck with a busted muffler after dropping you off on the side of a dark road with zero traffic miles from nowhere leaving you to wonder how far it might be to the next sandwich, much less to your actual destination.

F-ing lost.  Lost, and standing in a pile of--yes, just one word--dogshit.

But, as they like to say, things could be worse.  You could be standing in a pile of dogshit after getting punched in the face by your best friend, while watching your home, and every last thing you've worked your entire life for, be swept away by torrential flooding.  So muster a little gratitude, especially for the recent rain we've had here, as little as it has been.


Post Script. The radiohead today tuned in this morning with "it's a hard rain" and tuned out earlier this evening with "carry each other"...not what I might have thought to choose, but who's to argue with the airwaves?  Not one such as I, I'm sure.

Post Post Script. Now that I think of it, being dropped off on the side of an unlit road with no traffic miles from nowhere left to ponder how far to the next meal and the destination beyond actually sounds like it could be the start of a pretty great vacation.

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