Saturday, August 9, 2014

Like I'm ready to roll

A good friend of mine said to me recently: you need to be in water.

And boy, was she right about that.

Today I went to my first real on-water kayaking class, to learn how to roll...and at the end of the evening, under the nearly-full and brightening moon, I left the lake wet, happy, singing, and wanting more.

This friend of mine also once told me, after I'd spent a good hour bobbing and swimming in the warm blue oceans of Maui, that I looked like an otter out there...which is one of the finest compliments I can think of.

I'm happiest on the water, in the water, near the water, and that's where I ought to be. (and in the winter, water = snow.)

It turned out there were only three of us tonight--myself, another guy, and our young instructor, so we got a lot of hands-on attention and the class ended up going on for an hour longer than scheduled.  It was a perfect prelude to tomorrow, when I will be spending the whole day on the water, learning any number of things that I already know, need to know, do not yet know, and must learn how to do.

I didn't make nearly as much progress as my classmate did today, but I'm confident I'll get it down, under and over, with a little more focus and a lot more practice.  I've got a new stash of pretty much excellent gear, all acquired at the right time for the right price, and you better believe I intend to use it.  I'm ready to roll.

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