Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I got one, a Christmas gift from somebody-or-another that I probably could have done without.

No chills, fortunately, except the one in the air. I'm told it's below zero here, and it feels like it.

Look, you know, just because I'm cranky as hell and couldn't be less excited about attempting to celebrate another whole year of my insignificant life being plunged down the toilet of time doesn't mean I don't understand how good my life is, in this cozy house (aka my home) and this fair city and this abundant state and this dominant country (I 'merican and cognizant of it), in my well-fed body in the company of my loving family and my exceptional friends, and all the amazing life and matter on this singular planet, somewhere in this vast and mysterious universe... 

I do. I really do.

But what difference does that make?

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