Sunday, October 8, 2017

Another sunny Sunday

Last night I dreamt I was with a group of travelers, of sorts. At one of our stops, we were given a challenge in which we were divided into small groups and assigned a task. Initially, it seemed mechanical in nature--my team started out considering the merits of pneumatic vs hydraulic--but eventually the project morphed into creating (of all things) a topper for a wedding cake...each team had been given white floral arrangements of the same essential shapes and forms, made out of different, otherworldly, flowers, which were to be our inspiration...out of these evolved some small sculpture, some slight poetry, some vague representation of union...As the judging took place, I began to realize that I had fallen in love with a man in the group, who was leaving... I followed him out of the open white space we were in, toward the door, which was much like that of a bus, oddly enough, and I held his hand as he descended the steps. He stretched his arm out behind him and gripped my hand tightly through a crack in the door as he walked away. All I could do was squeeze his fingertips, before he slipped out of reach. 

As with all dreams--and everything else really--context is key, but it's pointless enough to try to retell any dream, much less to recount all the circumstances, events, other dreams, thoughts, and days leading up to it, or to now. Let it suffice to say that it's a bittersweet solace, to wake up with the memory of something you never had.

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