Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And now for something...completely different

Another late meal alone, of a different sort altogether from yesterday's indulgence in the luxuries of Spring: seared tilapia baked in a chipotle-jerk sauce and served over rice pilaf of red onion, garlic, candied pineapple, pepperoncini, shredded carrot, orange juice, toasted coconut and cashews, with a twist of lime and chopped cilantro. May sound a little weird but it looked fantastic and tasted even better.

Despite the fact that it might have been pulled off the menu of a local hot spot, my meal tonight is a lesson in leftovers: sauce made from chipotle puree and bbq sauce (both homemade) that have been buried in the fridge for months, rice from last Friday's takeout, cilantro on its last legs, lime sitting in the produce drawer for no reason, carrot so old it was growing a beard... (although I did make a special trip for the coconut). There is something supremely satisfying to me in making use of what is available and creating something spectacular out of the mundane, assembling disparate pieces into a whole, salvaging the good parts, loving garbage... I think the word is "resourceful". I try to be. It makes me happy when I succeed.

Next challenge: parsley root. Go ahead and lower your expectations, if you must, but you might be pleasantly surprised...

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