Sunday, June 7, 2009


I'm at home this weekend and happy to be indoors, for a change, due to cool wet weather. It rained all day yesterday, putting bit of a damper on river plans for the family gathering over on the St. Croix, but we spent a reasonably pleasant day together inside, sitting around, doing a bitchin crossword puzzle and getting schooled by my four year-old neice at Wii bowling. No rain today, but it's nice and grey, and since my hands are free I figure I should make a few notes on the garden.

All vegetables and herbs have now been planted, pretty much. Mom and dad finished up seeding over the past week and put the last plants in the ground on Friday. (Only hours later, of course, they had to haul out the giant rolls of plastic to protect everything from frost...Never fails.) So, now seems like a good time to take stock of what we've got growing this year. I've been trying to (re)acquaint myself with plants by learning their scientific names, that I might better understand their relationships to one another and to us, so I'll list them by family:

Chive - garden, garlic
Onion - yellow, white

Dill, Bouquet
Chervil (Greek nobles referred to it as khairephyllon, or “leaf of joy”...I concur)

Cilantro, Slow Bolt
Fennel, Perfection
Parsley, Italian flat-leaf
Parsley root, Hamburg

Parsnip, Harris Model

Endive,Tres Fine Maraichere Olesh

Jerusalem Artichoke
Lettuce - Antares,
Anuenue, Blushed Butter Oaks, De Morges Braun, Forellenschluss, Italienischer, Jericho, Lollo di Vino, Pirat, Tango, Sweet Valentine
Radicchio, Indigo
Sunflower - Tarahumara, Velvet Queen, various

Arugula - Roquette Salad, Sylvetta
Broccoli - Nutri-Bud, Piricicaba, Romanesco, Thompson
Brussells Sprouts - Long Island Improved, Roodnerf
Cabbage - Copenhagen Market, Danish Ballhead, Mammoth Red Rock , Ruby Perfection
Cauliflower - Cassius, Early Snowball
Kale - Nero di Tuscana (Dinosaur), Red Russian, True Siberian
Kohlrabi - Early White Vienna, Purple
Mustard - Chinese Thick-Stem
Radish - Cherry Belle, Daikon Miyashige, Misato Rose, Rat-Tailed, Plum Purple
Rutabaga - Joan
Tatsoi - EvenStar Landrace
Turnip - Purple Top White Globe

Beet - Chioggia, Detroit Dark Red, Early Wonder, Lutz Salad Leaf, Yellow Intermediate Mangel
Chard - Fordhook Giant, Improved Rainbow Mix, Ruby/Rhubarb Red

Cucumber - Armenian, Double Yield, Mexican Sour Gherkin, Mideast Prolific, Parisian Pickling
Melon - Blacktail Mountain watermelon, Charentais canteloupe, Cream of Saskatchewan watermelon, Ha-Ogen, Mystery Indian (from the trash guy), Swan Lake
Squash, summer - Benning's Green Tint patty pan, Cocozelle zucchini, Dark Star zucchini, Dark Green zucchini, Golden zucchini, Sunburst patty pan
Squash, winter - Acorn, Anna Swartz Hubbard, Buttercup, Early Butternut, Eastern European, Lakota

Bean - Black Coco, Blue Lake pole, Calypso, Charlevoix Red Kidney, Henderson Bush Lima, Hidatsa Shield
Figure, Rattlesnake, Scarlet Emperor, Soybean Iowa 2053, Windsor Fava
Pea - Cascadia snap, Golden Sweet snow, Oregon Giant snow, Sutton's Harbinger shell

Basil - Red Rubin, Siam Queen, Spicy Globe, Sweet
Mint - spearmint, peppermint (variegated)
Sage - common, purple

Okra - Cajun Jewel, Red Burgundy

Corn - Golden Bantam sweet, Hickory King dent, Hopi Blue sweet/flour, Oaxacan Green dent, Smoke Signals pop, Stowell's Evergreen sweet

Sorrell, garden

Cumin, Black (aka Roman Coriander, Nigella)

Eggplant - Classic Black, Japanese Long, Neon, Round Mauve, Swallow
Pepper, hot - Anaheim, Banana, Cayenne, Cherry, Fatali, JalapeƱo
Pepper, sweet - Golden Treasure, Lady Bell, Sheepnose Pimento, Takii Ace, Valencia
Potato - purple, red, Russet, Yukon Gold
Tomatillo, Toma Verde
Tomato - Amish Paste, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Beefsteak, Black Krim, Chadwick Cherry, Cosmonaut Volkov, German Pink, Hillbilly Potato Leaf, Hungarian Heart, Italian Heirloom, Moonglow, Peacevine cherry, Pink Brandywine, Yellow Perfection

That's about it right now. Some of the beans aren't in and I have yet to get most of the flowers seeded but hope to take care of them next weekend. I'll keep the list updated as things are added, or die...


JB aka JayBee said...

That's All?!?! I think that is the largest list of plants in a single garden... ever!

I am amazed. I have been eating strawberries from my back garden for the last week and I have about 4 pints in the refrigerator at home right now... I wish I was at home to eat them.

fremenine said...

oooo...strawberries. when can I come over???