Saturday, June 20, 2009

to remember

fireflies, frogsong, daisies bending in starlight


JB aka JayBee said...

I am amazed by your persistence.

Completely unrelated, do you like Dar Williams?

conniewonnie13 said...

this is a beautiful post... the words, what they represent, have been in my mind's eye since i first read them. it feels like a meditation... thanks

fremenine said...

Hello to the both of you...Sorry I missed joining you at MIA on Sunday. It would have been good to connect.

A meditation, yes, and an incantation, a lullaby, an embrace, medicine, more... I was held by starry skies, with the breath of summer wind on my neck and light all around me; I wandered at sundown, knee-deep in fields flush with wildflowers, their shamelessly irresponsible color bleeding into my eyes and my heart while wayward daisies grabbed my toes... These are magic spells of the highest order, indeed. There's nowhere on Earth like it, at Solstice. Let's gather there together, again, next year.

Re: Dar Williams, yes, I like her pretty well. I'm not very familiar with her music but her heart and mind (and often her voice) have impressed me, if not always her songs. I could hear more.

Love and thanks for being here, as always.

Cosmic Monkey said...

JB...what do you mean by "persistence"?

fremenine said...

there was a reason I didn't ask that.