Friday, July 9, 2010

Bugging Out

I propped the kitchen door open last night, while hauling a carload of old stuff (aging wines and meads, mostly, a lot of them forgotten: currant wine from a few years ago, chokecherry wine and cordial and mead, lilac mead, sage mead and beer...quite the assortment of delicacies) into my new place, and inadvertently welcomed a bunch of moths, mosquitoes and other bugs to my abode.  One among them dropped itself into the space between the two halves of an open window, where I fished him out with a twist-tie:

I'd never seen a beetle like this one before--something akin to a Junebug but bigger, and golden, and much more relaxed--so I snapped a few photos while he waved his mandibles at me in an ever-so-slightly-intimidating way, all the while clinging steadfastly to his twisted and wiry mate, of which he did not let go even when I turned him out into the garden...turns out it's a Grapevine Beetle, I learned from the folks over at What's That Bug.  Strangely enough, their featured bug for the month of July is a Japanese Beetle, which is only odd in that I encountered one just this afternoon, traversing the back of my neck as I sat at my desk...Pretty little thing, but not cut out for the cubicle life, so I carried it out to seek its fortune on the streets of Minneapolis...There's new life to be found everywhere...

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