Tuesday, August 6, 2013

After the rain

I'm listening to the crickets, wondering where to begin.

I got caught in the rain today, after taking a ride to a shop that had just closed, pushing pedals against time and tailwinds, there and back... It was an ideal rain to bike home in, with the heat of the pavement rising up below me and the warm rain kissing my shoulders from above, while gentle thunder rumbled through the wind in my ears, a flash of lightning here, a crossing there, a stranger's greeting, a passing thought... a perfect summer evening, in my book.

I made it home just as the rain began to really come down.  It soaked my hair and ran down my neck, as I paused under the shallow eaves of the garage, to open the fence and unlock the garage door.  Such a sweet sensation, warm rain on a warm day.  The gardens have been needing it, too.

All the windows are still open; it seems I should secure them and go rest in my bed.  I'd intended more tonight, but there's a train rolling by and the crickets are calling me to sleep.  More tomorrow.

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