Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Sings

I find what I find, but I don't know what I'm looking for...
I don't know what I do, and I don't how it is that I do it.  The only thing I know is that as soon as you have someone in front of you that is waiting for your voice, close your eyes and sing
-- Concha Buika, (roughly quoted) from the BBC's The Arts Hour

Lots and lots to write about... been thinking about many things lately, of religion and culture, of Christianity and Buddhism, of capitalism and ecology, of action and inaction, of climate change and the change of seasons, of love and companionship, of time, and of things growing...

The garlic has sprung up, just in the past few days, as have many other little green life forms... daylilies, peonies, allium, hyacinths, crocuses, tulips, squill (with blossoms!), chives and garlic chives, strawberries, sedums, mint and comfrey and lemon balm, Jacob's ladder, windflowers, and many others, I'm sure, that I have yet to find...

Today my niece sang to me, over the phone (with a bit of backup from my sister), the song my sisters and I performed for our grandfather's memorial.  She had remembered us practicing it together, with her dad playing the guitar, all those months ago...At just shy of three years, and under the excellent tutelage of her mother, she has learned the words and the melody, which she hopes now to sing with the three of us, when we find ourselves together again.  Her voice, so sweet and so clear and so tuneful, was the best surprise I've had in, oh, maybe forever.

The head of the long running Harvard study on happiness summarized the study's conclusion in five words, "Happiness is love. Full stop." 
-- some commenter, on an aptly written piece about David Letterman 
in the New Yorker magazine

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