Thursday, January 1, 2015

All right, I'll do it

Be less fat. This sucks and I'm sick of it. Dropping the weight will necessarily entail working out more and drinking less, and reducing stress.

Learn a new skill, art, craft, or activity--for pleasure's sake, not just for utility (i.e., learning how to replace my toilet doesn't count). 

Spend less time alone. This is of critical importance. Lack of adequate time spent in physical proximity to people is damaging to mind, body, heart and spirit--and it shows.

Spend less money. On everything, all year long. Save twice as much as last year, if not more.

Polish my resume, etc. and apply for new jobs. It's long past time. (And that's polish, as in make shiny, not Polish as in sausage.)

Become modestly familiar with, if not mildly adapted to, various forms of social media. Then resume disregarding them, unless there is a compelling reason not to.

Read more. Fiction, non-fiction, news, opinions. This has to be a top priority. I need to be smarter and better informed in order for other goals to come into the realm of possibility.

Help more. Seriously, give a little more. Money, time, labor, ideas. Contribute something, for god's sake.

Rescue a puppy. Just kidding, although sometimes it really would be good to have a dog around for purposes of unconditional love, and obedience training.

Practice, practice, practice, and improve.

Stop the negative self-talk and expect better of others. (I sense these two go hand-in-hand.)

Sleep better. This should be number one on the list since everything else probably hinges on it, in a number of ways.

Take a photography class, or at least learn how to use my camera(s).

Take a trip somewhere new, possibly somewhere well outside my comfort zone.

Be more vulnerable, and more forgiving.

Floss more. 

Sing more

Stretch more

Play more

Do more

Love more.

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