Saturday, September 12, 2009

never enough Saturdays

Whew. Long day today... Just sat down, been busy since breakfast (a CM frittata of mushroom, onion, garlic, zucchini and broccoli, with cheeses). Hauled out four carboys full of wine to settle, in anticipation of bottling later in the day. Made a batch of zucchini soup and put a few pints in the freezer along with about 12 oz. green pesto and 6 oz. purple (the latter sans parmesan--thinking this might be good mixed with a black olive tapenade). Sorted through photos from mini-vacation last week. Lunched on green salad with blue cheese, pine nuts, maple/balsamic vinaigrette. Did a couple loads of laundry, buzzed to the co-op for spices. Made four jars of bread and butter pickles and a cucumber salad (with black sesame, red shiso, rice & plum vinegars, sesame oil, bit of tamari, sugar). Bottled five 750 ml bottles of red currant wine (nice and dry but clouded, still a bit liquor-y), sixteen of chokecherry wine (pleasantly fragrant, beautiful color, mellowing nicely), and six of chokecherry dessert wine (f-ing spot on, so good, so lovely). Did the dishes a dozen times, at least, on top of sanitizing bottles, cleaning up etc. Pretty short paragraph for having been on my feet for about fourteen hours today. Think I'll now enjoy the remainder of this amazing garnet glass and take a shot at relaxation. More tomorrow.

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JB aka JayBee said...

I marvel at how busy you keep yourself on weekends.

Let me know when you might have some time again to share a delicious meal with JSP and me.