Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time Away

I have this new orange hoody that I've been living in lately, just the color of Rowan berries. Soft, comfortable, even flattering, yes, but mainly it's bold--perhaps the brightest color I've ever worn--although seemingly not conspicuous. It suits me these days, I guess, in a way maybe warding off the blues and those greyer days to come (no I do not need to sleep in, dammit! thank you.), buttressing my aura... Anyway when I pulled it over my head tonight I breathed in a scent which I suppose could only be something of my own but was somehow oddly unfamiliar, sweet and alive, of wood smoke and moonlight, lichens and sunscreen, coffee and rosehips and pine and dew with just a smidgen of barbeque sauce and a splash of kaluha over warm rock and shoreline. These are my leftovers from nearly a week away from the grind of the city. I sort of don't want to wash this shirt ever again.

More soon on the trip to the Lake, garden happenings, what's cooking, potions and what-not...

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