Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beware of Karma!

Got home late last night and there was my front gate hanging wide open, didn't really think much of it except that obviously someone had come and gone, though in my frame of mind at the time I doubt I'd have been much more or less upset if I'd arrived to find the house ablaze. I slept rather well and late, spent a pretty relaxing afternoon not worrying about much, doing little, more or less at rest, finally left the house for no particular reason and with some reluctance or at least total ambivalence sometime around stripey sundown/convergence of crows when I saw that my back gate had been broken, apparently by an uncertain someone who attempted to go over rather than through it, being either too hurried or too daft to open the latch. So now the lovely curve that once graced the top of my gate is lying oddly on the walk, and I'm not sure quite what this means to me. I suppose mainly it means that I'll have to repair it. It could also mean that although I feel perfectly at home and safe here, perhaps I should try to be a little less comfortable and a little more paranoid, but so far that just doesn't stick. I might put up a sign, though. Stupid fuckers.

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