Monday, January 25, 2010

orange bowl

Company tomorrow... Not the Bank this time, but dear friends who I've not seen in months, it seems. In honor of the occasion I picked the place up a bit and unpacked a couple boxes that have been sitting on the kitchen counter, in the way of things. In doing so I was caught off guard by the realization that, until tonight, I haven't really unpacked anything at all... These are my things, some beautiful, some useful, once familiar and cared for or even needed, and now, somehow, they remember me more than I do them. On the counter there's a bowl for three yellow bananas and here's another for three heavy oranges, at the opposite end, other objects here and there, in still life.

Peeling an orange today was a momentary pleasure, the wonder of it reaching me, its life in my hands, all I needed. There's a bowl full.

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