Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fine, dammit, I guess I'm going to have to do it. I hereby resolve to at least attempt to establish a few better habits in this, The Year We Make Contact. Among my best intentions:
To take that one hour I piss away every day and spend 20 minutes stretching, 20 minutes singing, and 20 minutes reading (it's really the very least I can do.)
To spend at least as much time playing piano as I do looking for furniture on craigslist.
To take my camera out for a nice long walk at least once a week.
To stop being mean to myself for no good reason, or for good reason, or for any reason at all.
To budget like I need it.
To take care of my back.
To master at least one tune on my autoharp.
To get that recipe project going again and keep it going until it's done.

There, now I've passed over yet another threshold in the short and dizzyingly ugly hallway leading (at just a slightly awkward angle) toward mediocrity... Add my list to the pile.

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