Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shady corner

behind the fence, under the light: hosta, heuchera, convallaria, polemonium, alchemilla, viola

dug in a bit today, close to done with phase one of the first garden, in the fenced corner between the house and the lilac.  lady ferns, foxglove, goatsbeard, meadow rue, lily-of-the-valley, jacob's ladder (variegated and not), solomon's seal (variegated cultivar), johnny-jump-ups, violets, hostas (big blue and painted green with yellow), purple-stemmed royal fern, zig-zag goldenrod, virginia bluebells, japanese painted ferns, korean beauty clematis, lady's mantle, coral bells, still a few spaces to fill with toad lilies, nodding ladies' tressess, others.  some moved in from the boulevard, others are new.  thanks to sis for help clearing the space.

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