Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goings On

 How quickly things change...The flowering crab in my front yard has rather suddenly lost her blush and stands now white and exposed, to the point of dropping her blossoms all over the place.  But just a few days ago, she was still pretty in pink:

Last week I spied the Columbine tentatively feeling its way (with webby tentacled nodding sea-horse heads) into the new air,

and by week-end, it was all like, Hey, check me out!   (Never been a big fan of native cultivars, but this one does make itself known, I'll give it that.)

Friday I got my groove on for the first time here, and it felt really good.  Saturday I cut the grass (knee-high and) barefoot, in cashmere, a pleasure of another sort.  On Sunday I joined the joyful masses over at the May Day celebration and upon my return home, found these new shoots of happiness in my backyard.  About half of them are up now, making a go of life in a box.  (Would I could do the same....)

Today I noticed that, in spite of my precise and merciless efforts to cut them down and roll them into submission, the dandelions that were lollygagging around my backyard a couple days ago are now back on their feet and asking for more...  And they're going to get it, too, those sunny little blowhards.  Eventually.

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Cosmic Monkey said...

I'm glad the asparagus is coming up