Thursday, April 29, 2010

Luxury itself, thick as a Persian carpet,
honey fills the jar
with the concentrated sweetness
of countless thefts,
the blossoms bereft, the hive destitute.

Though my debts are heavy
honey would pay them all.
Honey heals, honey mends.
A spoon takes more than it can hold
without reproach. A knife plunges deep,
but does no injury.

Honey moves with intense deliberation.
Between one drop and the next
forty lean years pass in a distant desert.
What one generation labored for
another receives,
and yet another gives thanks.

- Connie Wanek, Honey
from On Speaking Terms


JB aka JayBee said...

I love this poem.

I bought a jar of "Really Raw Honey" yesterday at the coop, you know, the kind with wax and bee parts and unfiltered pollen in it. I am in love; It is primordially delicious.

fremenine said...

I am delighted.

Anonymous said...

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