Wednesday, April 7, 2010

recent findings

Two boxes on my doorstep today, one hiding not at all inconspicuously under the doormat. A box of seeds, expected. Another, what? Forgotten. Asparagus crowns! Okay, right, so what am I supposed to do with these now? Guess I'll have to read up, do a bit of building, maybe some actual planting or something. Spring's been here for a while now, shouldn't have come as a surprise...

And Easter's come and gone, already, with nary an egg in sight, but there were a few other finds over the past weekend...


pasque flowers


(tomatillo) husk

fuzzy unfurls

one year's growth (red elder)

red elder bud

tiny gardens

peach running

bees, underground (a whole colony of them, in the field past the Big Hill)




fallen, above the dam


Cosmic Monkey said...

Wow, beautiful beautiful. I'm so glad you have a camera that can match your vision...

fremenine said...

Ah, thank you for saying so. I have so much more to learn than I can comprehend, but with each click of the shutter I know a little more. My mantra these days is "practice makes possible"...