Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catching Up

Last few days have been strange and lovely, in ways.

Saturday I spent the evening in the company of my sisters and good friends, at the lovely and amazing birthday celebration of my dear friend JB, who has reached the ripe old age of thirty-five, in spite of all odds, in deference to fate, in sheer strength and unbelievable willingness to show life how to be lived, and loved.  You blow me away, my friend, the ripples over water that your eyes radiate with each smile...

Meanwhile, CM has found, with his new partner, some good acres of gorgeous, rolling, luscious farmland upon which to build a new home and gorgeous, rolling, luscious dreams.  I must admit to feeling some degree of envy, seeing those fields of green... Not long ago I held the hope of finding such a place.  What a joy, to stand with both feet upon the land you will call home, to feel it give beneath you!  I wish you--both--a long and winding path, deep into the weeds, up reaching oaks, under bending sumac, across the flowered valley, beyond... It will be beautiful.  Much love.

But how bittersweet it can be, a taste of wild lettuce on the boulevard... (just reading about Latuca scariola, found some eager volunteers in li'l sis's garden....Eminently edible, I'd say...)

Sunday, after a night much too late for old persons, I had the pleasure of spending a relaxing day in the company of the twins, my bro-in-law and a friend, letting a long grey day pass slowly and easily, with conversation and documentary, and delicious desserts, and comfort foods, and plain old time.  Ahh, leisure.  I'd forgotten about you.

Not much happening in the yard these days, although I may have neglected to post anything about the ten-hour Sunday effort during part of which I got the patio herb garden in and moved my (entire) shady corner into it's proper place.  Hell of a lot of work but it's starting to look like something, now... If it ever clear up again I've got plans for that vacated spot, and a few more around here....

News from up north is that all the plants are planted and all the seeds are seeded, and I'm excited to see what's growing on up there, soon.  Steady rains this season have slowed things down just a little, but the new fruit trees and shrubs and all the others we planted last year have to be loving it, and I'd gladly eschew a few tomato sandwiches for the promise of plums... An orchard, now that's something I can look forward to.  Oh, yeah, and my peach tree has made itself right at home, almost looks like it's been here all the while.  I'll be surprised if there aren't a couple of peaches on it next year.

Sweet dreams, all of you, and thanks for reading.

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