Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Really too tired for words, but I wanted to post these before they got away from me (having missed a couple this Spring...)   Finally rolled back the tarp last weekend and with my (tireless) sister's help made some progress toward a sort of radiant garden plan... I've got paths coming in, so far leading nowhere, or perhaps just toward somewhere as yet undefined...they feel right, though...

front: strawberries, basil, sage, nasturtiums, winter savory, bitterroot
back, asparagus, peppers, brassicas, marsh mallow, lavender, more to come...

all paths lead toward the center

pretty in purslane (you go this way; I'll go that way)

seeing through (why does this remind me of Yars Revenge?

Pulled a few big patches of what was possibly Joe Pye Weed out front, which opened everything up quite a bit, and put a few new plants in the ground, here and there... things are coming along, bit by bit.  Need more sun, more sleep...

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