Friday, June 25, 2010

Like a Walk in the Rain

Shuddering dark storms rolled over this evening, pouring heavy warm rains of the sort that make it hard not to want to shed one's clothes and get drenched right through... Two hours earlier it was almost too hot to sit outside, with the thick sun beating on my back, while earlier in the day I was caressed by a few gentle drops as I listened to the chimes of the clock tower playing--for no comprehensible reason, just after one--a few of what I thought were rather peculiar selections: Climb Every Mountain, naturally followed by The Sound of Music (at which I'll admit I welled up for just a second, even with the risk of no context), and then Unchained Melody (admitting nothing.)... One of those summer days.

So it's Friday night, and I'm walking with my umbrella, getting my pants all wet, wearing my running shoes today for the first time in a while (as if I'm going anywhere fast these days), puddles gushing in and over my toes, and I'm pretty content with all that but it crosses my mind that it's the sort of night that it might be nice to share a sip of something sweet with a good friend, perhaps have a bite, and let time wend its way...  But, having passed up the opportunity, or worked past it possibly, to enjoy food and fire with family and friends, I'm here tonight with a homemade pizza, my giant sink full of dishes (it's a mystery, how a single person can go through so many spoons) the hum of the refrigerator and a quiet peace.  Rains have come to smooth my paths and flatten my phlox, and with everything gleaming green in the cool evening air, I can hardly wish to be elsewhere.

I've not been much for words lately--written, spoken or otherwise.  Perhaps it's the change in season, but whatever the reason, I have instead turned some part of my attention toward a succession of self-portraits, a sort of paint by number (10...seconds) if you will--of which you will see nothing here, by the way--by which I hope to learn a little something about how to photograph persons, with the aim of being able, in some modest way, to paint those who are dear to me, as I know them, and also so that I might learn at long last to take that old song to heart.  You know, the one that goes, love the one you're with.  It's a sweet night, hope you're enjoying it.

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