Tuesday, May 14, 2013

After thought

It's good to be at home, good to work out and be tired, good to clean the place up, good to enjoy a warm summer breeze even though it's not really summer yet, good to be visited by Vishnu on the back step, good to be thinking about a new boat, and a trip to Alaska, and leaving/going to the country, good to be anticipating homemade asparagus pizza tomorrow night, good to make dough with a surprisingly effective new tool called a Danish dough whisk which did the job with *perfection*, good to be looking forward to what will no doubt be an awesome backyard concert in a couple days, good to have a fabulous voice teacher and mentor, good to work with good people, good to be loved, good to know everything is all right, good to see the crescent moon through new maple leaves, good to be here tonight, good to have a warm soft bed to sleep in, good night...

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