Monday, May 13, 2013

If no one's there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The weather here.  I don't even know what to say about it anymore, not that anyone really needs to talk about it I guess, but I mean seriously.  Saturday was cold enough to require three hoodies, and a hat, and gloves if I'd actually had a pair...clouds, then sun, random sun-showers of icy snow, then more clouds and more wind and apparently more GIANT SHEETS OF ICE... Sunday was all sun and wind, but still too cold to peel away any layers, for much of the day.  Things have warmed up quickly, though, and the forecast is for temps in the NINETIES tomorrow.  It just doesn't feel right, being jerked around by Mother Nature in this manner, but I guess she's got her reasons.  If we don't get some rain soon, though, ain't mama or nobody gonna be happy...

The woods back at home are dry, drier than most Falls, much less any recent Spring that comes to mind. The only water is in the lowest spots where it always stands, or runs, and even those are pretty low.  None of the fields are soft, no part of the road back to the lake is muddy.  The frogs are up, singing their amphibian hearts out all day, though not yet in full force, waiting on the rain I imagine... even so, I kept hearing them off and on in the background, today, until I realized that they weren't actually was just the hum of a truck motor, the chirp of a belt slipping, the rhythmic whirring of an overhead vent... just a trick of the mind.  What it is about that particular sound, this time of year, that occupies my consciousness so, whether it is some primal knowing or some present longing, is difficult to say.  I suppose one might liken it to living by the ocean for your whole life, and then moving inland.  I would imagine those folks hear waves for many moons.  

In any case, it was good to be out of the city for a short time and to bring that little peace of home back with me.

Funny... I paused for a moment just now and realized that I am still hearing them, even now, when I let my mind wander freely...  Perhaps I'll go lie down and listen for a while, then, and pick up where I left off tomorrow.

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