Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Super duper duper

Holy shit was the traffic a nightmare today.  Detours, reroutes, road work, congestion, nonsense... maybe the drivers around here are suffering from a little Vitamin D deficiency lately, with rain upon rain upon rain these past several days... In fact, on the whole it's not been a very sunny or warm Spring here, at all, what with the icy winds and random snowstorms, except for the occasional blazing heat wave.  Yay for climate change!  More grey skies and rain in the forecast... 

Not that we haven't needed a good soaking.  But the ground is now saturated, and enough is enough.  I actually have almost no idea how I'm going to be able to get my lawn mowed now.  I should have done it on Saturday afternoon when we had that little window of sunshine, but no, I thought I'd wait a day.  And now the dandelions are a foot tall, the grass is going to seed, and my little electric mower is going to choke and die over and over again on all that greenness.  I'm going to have to call in the big guns (i.e. gas power) to cut that shit.  Or maybe I should just say fuck it, let it go this year.  How much taller can it possibly get?


In other, better, news, I am now, as of this evening, the proud owner of a damn nice kayak along with which came with almost all the gear I might need and some good mojo, to boot.  The fellow I bought it from was quite kind and helpful and I feel very fortunate to have made his acquaintance, and to be the new pilot of this fine boat, which was paddled by his wife and daughter, who is now guiding trips in Alaska.  It fits me just about perfectly and even fits in the garage, on my car, with a few inches to spare (but only a few, because someone should have let the clutch out a bit sooner since the emergency break doesn't work for shit rolling backward tomorrow, it's forward or bust).  

It's a somewhat unusual shade of blue, with a purple cast, a little on the girly side but I think it will suit me, and should be easy on the eyes.  She's a sea-going boat, having taken her maiden voyage from Helsinki, Finland, some years ago, and is long enough to traverse the Boundary Waters, Voyageurs, the Great Lakes, the ocean even, but still small enough for me, for the wild and scenic St. Croix, for the Upper Little Pine, for the Moose Horn... It had been my intent to get a shorter boat, but when this one came along, it seemed to say:  Here I am...and I'm yours.  And so it is, now.  And I'm kinda super duper happy about that.

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